Two and 1/2 year old Class


Requirements for Admission

Admission to the Whales classroom requires all children to be 2½ years of age.  Current immunization record and health form must be submitted. Children do not need to be potty-trained.


Our mission is to engage and support children with developmentally appropriate activities that promote learning in all areas. We  expose children to music and art while nurturing the spiritual life of our students.

Educational Skills~

  • We provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences in math, literacy and language.
  • The tasks we encourage lead to many skills needed for future learning success.
  • Colors, shapes,  counting, alphabet and name recognition are but a few of the skills we encourage.
  • Individual work is stressed at this age level.



Social Skills~

  • Develop respect and care for classmates, the property of others, teachers, parents and themselves.
  • Self help is encouraged, while teachers are available to model and support growth.
  • Sharing, listening, and beginning to engage in interactive play with others.

Physical Activities~

  • Children are given opportunities to participate in physical activities designed to improve health, large and small motor skills and eye/hand coordination.
  • Classroom and playground space affords a variety of engaging activities.

Music Experiences~

  • In daily music classes the children learn to move with simple rhythm, experiment with rhythm instruments, make a joyful noise in song and strengthen listening skills.
  • In the Whales classroom the children sing grace before meals.

Art Experieces~

  • Creativity through art includes exploring techniques with paint, play-dough, finger-paint, block prints, crayon and other developmentally appropriate media.
  • Children are encouraged to express themselves in a creative way.

Spiritual Life~

BECC is a Christian based early childhood center. Our children are exposed to God’s love on a daily basis.  The children attend Bible stories with the Bethany pastors twice a week and say or sing grace before meals. We celebrate diversity and give every child an exposure to experience and learn about God’s love and grace.