Pre-Kindergarten Classes


Circle time

Requirements for Admission

Pre- kindergarten classes at BECC are designed for children who are four and five years old. Immunizations must be up to date. A health form must be signed by a health care provider, and submitted to the school.


Our mission is to challenge and support learning in  academic, social, physical, music and art and to provide opportunities for children to experience God’s love through a positive spiritual life.

Academic Goals

Our pre-kindergarten students will be exposed to the following skills:

  • Recognize, write and make one to one correspondence for numbers 1-20
  • Develop  literacy and language skills
  • Recognize basic colors and draw basic shapes
  • Use drawing, writing tools and scissors
  • Recognize the letters of the alphabet (upper and lower cases) and know their sounds
  • Understand letter/word correspondence and left to right progression for pre-reading
  • Know the days of the week and months of the year
  • Understand seasonal differences and attributes
  • Expand understanding of concepts: opposites, positions, similarities and differences
  • Listen to stories and explore and enjoy books

These objectives are taught through a variety of means designed for a child’s enjoyment and success.  The children are exposed to additional concepts including:  Syllables and compound words, map reading, weather patterns, time, patterns, sequencing, sight words, science, nature and our environment, careers and community helpers. Our goal is that our Pre-K students are very well prepared to begin kindergarten.

Social Skills

  • Respect and care for classmates, property, teachers, parents and themselves
  • Using good manners and having concern for others
  • Be aware of feelings and emotions and use words to express feelings and emotions
  • Taking care of personal hygiene and dressing and undressing self
  • Understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and their effects
  • Interact and cooperate with peers

Exposure to social skills happens daily.  Teachers are role models. Group and individual class responsibilities allow each child to experience leadership and collaborative roles.

Friendship quilt

Physical Skills

  • Each day the children have the opportunity to participate in physical activities designed to improve health, large and small motor skills and strength:
  • Physical activities include running, jumping, throwing, catching, dancing, climbing, riding trikes, chasing and hopping.
  • Group games and team challenges are explored with emphasis on exposure and effort.

Music Skills

  • Move to rhythms, keep a simple beat and experiment with rhythm instruments.
  • Know difference in sounds, loud/soft, high/low, etc. and enhance listening skills.
  • Recognize and identify basic music symbols.
  • Recall songs and sing  with group.

Art Skills

  • Wide variety of materials are used to create and express own personality through art.
  • Some media available include: water-colors, washable tempera paint, play-dough, construction paper, art foam, chalk, colored pencils, finger paint and a variety of glues.
  • Individual, small group and large group projects are experienced.


Spiritual Life

BECC is a Christian based early childhood center.  Our studets are exposed to God’s love on a daily basis.  The children attend Bible stories with the Bethany pastors twice a week and say or sing grace before meals. We celebrate diversity and hope to give every child a chance to experience God’s love.