Three Year Old Class

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Our mission is to challenge and support the three year old child through providing appropriate learning experiences in language, literacy, math, science, music and art, and to allow children to experience and learn about God’s love on a daily basis. We recognize the importance of social and emotional development for our three year olds as we emphasize and model appropriate, positive behaviors.

Academic Skills

  • Recognize and begin to write numbers one through ten.
  • Recognize and differentiate between basic colors and shapes (draw).
  • Improve upon writing, cutting and gluing skills.
  • Recognize and write own name.
  • Recognize letters of the alphabet and begin learning letter sounds.
  • Participate in listening and interacting with stories.


Social Skills

  • Develop care and respect for self and others.
  • Use words to describe feelings and emotions and develop awareness of feelings of others.
  • Master self-help in toileting, dressing and undressing.
  • Experience role of leader and follower.
  • Interact appropriately with peers.
  • Learn about friendship skills and cooperation.

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Physical Skills

Physical activities such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, dancing, climbing, hopping and riding trikes improve health, strength, large and small motor skills and eye/hand coordination.

Music Skills

  • Experiment with rhythm instruments and keeping a beat.
  • Be exposed to music symbols, recall songs and sing by self and with group.

Art Skills

A variety of material is used allow the children to create and express themselves through paint, play-dough, tracing, finger paint, markers, cutting, chalk and gluing. Crafts are included to encourage good listening skills and following directions.


Spiritual Life

BECC  is a Christian based early childhood center.  We believe the spirit is vital to health and happiness. Our children are exposed to God’s love on a daily basis.  The children attend Bible stories with the Bethany pastors twice a week and say or sing grace before meals. We celebrate diversity and give every child a chance to experience and learn about God’s love.

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