Bethany Lutheran Church

Bethany Lutheran Church

Bethany Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
4500 East Hampden Avenue
Cherry Hills Village, CO  80113
Phone: 303-758-2820

Bethany Lutheran Church is a Christian community, rooted in the Gospel, and focused on sharing God’s grace and love in Jesus Christ with all people.

Mission:  The Mission of Bethany Lutheran Church is to equip, empower and unleash its members and staff to live as God’s baptized people:

  • Claimed as disciples of Christ in God who forms lifelong vibrant faith
  • Gathered as disciples of Christ participating in meaningful worship and community
  • Sent as disciples of Christ, living and witnessing as the body of Christ, seeking justice, and sharing God’s mercy through care and service to those in the Denver community and beyond

Vision:  The Vision of Bethany Lutheran Church is to be a preeminent missional church of the ELCA, recognized for forming vibrant faith among its disciples in order that they may be claimed, gathered, and sent.

Core Values:  The Core Values of Bethany Lutheran Church are to:

  • Worship Meaningfully in the Lutheran tradition, with a variety of liturgical and musical experiences
  • Witness Intentionally to all those who seek God
  • Grow Spiritually in forming vibrant faith across all levels of understanding and stages of life
  • Serve Purposefully those in need who live in our local, regional, and global communities
  • Care Resolutely for the health, wellness, comfort, and Sabbatical rest of all
  • Fellowship Authentically with one another in a manner that builds connections; strengthens bonds; and creates a welcoming, embracing church