Safety and Security

Bethany Early Childhood Center is a very safe and secure place for all of our students, staff and visitors.

All entries to the Center are locked and monitored.  Entry to the center is only allowed to staff and family members who have an access key card to enter.  A monitor is available for each entry & exit point and every classroom so that the monitoring staff member is able to easily track and identify people throughout the Center.

The church is located in Cherry Hills Village and has the full support and cooperation of the Cherry Hills Police Department.  We are also under the jurisdiction of the South Metro Fire Rescue who provide regular testing of the fire alarm system and drill procedures to ensure the Center is able to quickly evacuate in case of an emergency.  The State of Colorado Health Department also conducts regular inspections to ensure, among other items, that the Center is safe and secure.

In addition to the BECC staff, Bethany Lutheran Church staff members are also available to assist, monitor and alert the Center to potential safety issues and concerns. The play area is conveniently located next to the main church office entrance so that children can be easily monitored while playing both within and outside the play ground area.